Safety Solutions for Fuel Filling

The Hydrau-Flo® Safety Solutions for fuel Filling is a safer, cleaner and more reliable fuel filling valve arrangement which removes the risk of overfilling, spillage and tank rupture while minimizing safety and environmental hazards associated with fuel transfer.

Using conventional systems, overfilling, spillage and tank rupture can be common occurrences. At 265 gallons per minute, every second of spillage equates to more than 4 gallons of diesel wasted and released into the environment while the cost to repair or replace ruptured fuel tanks is significant in terms of materials, labor and equipment down time.

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  • Flows up to 265 gal/min
  • Fully mechanical design integrated with hydraulic principles
  • Eliminates blockage and electronics failure
  • Cannot be over-ridden
  • Reduces costs associated with fuel wastage

Hydrau-Flo® valve system:

  • prevents overfilling
  • prevents fuel spillage and wastage
  • removes the risk of tank rupture due to pressure build up during and after filling
  • minimizes the risk of fire as a result of fuel spillage
  • reduces costs associated with fuel wastage and equipment damage
  • significantly improves safety and environmental outcomes

Preventing fuel spills – Zero pressure, zero spills


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For more information on Hydrau-flo® contact:

John Guadagnini
Product Support Manager
Phone: 208-664-9291
Fax: 208-664-9475

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