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ANFO / Explosive Delivery Trucks


Ground Force Worldwide offers a line of PROVEN MINE-SITE EXPLOSIVE SUPPORT equipment, including ANFO Explosive Delivery Trucks and Blast Crew Service Trucks all available on the chassis of your choice. Our ANFO trucks are available with auger, pneumatic, or a combination of both product delivery systems. Investing in Ground Force Worldwide Explosive Support Equipment ensures you have the MOST DURABLE AND RELIABLE truck in the industry.

When it comes to explosive support, Ground Force Worldwide offers reliable and safe solutions for your explosive program.

Ground Force Worldwide Explosive Support Trucks offer multiple configurations to meet your specific mine needs and are manufactured to endure rugged conditions and tough applications.

Our engineering department evaluates your application to ensure your Ground Force Worldwide Explosive Support Truck is designed exactly as you need. We strive to provide a body that extends the life of your chassis and is easily operable in various road conditions and work environments. Our trucks are engineered with operator safety and efficiency in mind, with smart locations for service points, operator stations, plenty of storage and durable components.

Ground Force Worldwide Explosive Trucks are in service all over the world.

Our Explosive Support Trucks are proven to be safe, effective and last many years.

Ground Force Worldwide Explosive Support Trucks and offer many special features, call us today to find out more on these trucks.


  • Stainless steel construction on all nitrate bin contact surfaces
  • Equipment and explosive storage boxes
Capacities may vary depending on chassis size and weight distribution.


  • Capacities from 2.25 T (2.04 mt) to 20 T (18.14 mt)
  • Auger delivery rates up to 2,000 lb. (907 kg.) per minute
  • Pneumatic delivery rates of 75 lb. (34 kg.) per minute


  • Optional ROPS structure over cab
  • Stainless steel bodies available as an upgrade