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Underground Motor Grader – 20M Series (Tier 4)


The Ground Force Worldwide Underground M Series Motor Grader sets a whole new standard in operational efficiency, visibility, serviceability and productivity in underground mining applications. With custom options and a tight turning radius, these graders easily integrate into your underground road maintenance program. These machines are specifically designed for Tier 4 regions.

When it comes to Underground Motor Graders, Ground Force Worldwide offers a proven and reliable solution in a Tier 4 compliant model.

Ground Force Worldwide Underground M Series Motor Graders are custom engineered to meet the demands of your underground road maintenance program while offering all the comforts of a modernized cab and operator controls.

Our engineering department evaluates your application to ensure your Ground Force Worldwide Underground M Series Motor Grader is built to suit your tunnel size, with a low-profile cab and a tight turning radius for easy maneuverability through your operation. Custom options, high visibility, and outstanding serviceability make the Ground Force Worldwide Underground Motor Graders the best choice for your mine.

Ground Force Worldwide M Series Underground Motor Graders are durable and dependable, designed to withstand the rugged terrain of underground mines across the world.

Our Underground Motor Graders are proven to be a reliable solution for road maintenance, utilizing the 120M2 Motor Grader (Tier 4) Cat® C7 ACERTTM engine. Our Ground Force Worldwide Underground Motor Graders are a perfect addition to your underground fleet and offer the same high performance you’ve come to expect from Ground Force Worldwide equipment.


  • 120M2 Motor Grader (Tier 4) Cat® C7 ACERTTM Engine
  • Standard power 153hp/114kW
  • Diesel particulate filter (DPF)
  • Hydraulic-actuated, multiple disc brakes
  • Advanced joystick controls, secondary steering
  • Rear-view camera


  • Reduce overall length to approx. 330 in (8,382 mm)
  • Shortened standard wheelbase to approx. 197 in (5,003 mm)
  • Reduced outside turning radius to 235 in (5,969)
  • Custom manufactured cab
  • Fully enclosed cab with HVAC or open cab
  • Available with or without ROPS FOPS
  • Modified operator controls to suit lower cab height
  • Finished machine height as low as 106 in (2,692 mm)
  • Width of machine approx. 100 in (2,540 mm)
  • Reduced height of moldboard lift cylinders
  • Moldboard reduction to 10 ft (3,048 mm)
  • Radiator protection structure
  • Front end counter weight and push block
  • Fire suppression
  • Exhaust system heat wrap
  • Multiple tire options


  • ROPS/FOPS – (ISO 3471 / ISO 3449)
  • Braking – (ISO 3450)
  • CANMET engine certification
  • ABA (Automatic Brake Application)
  • CE certified where applicable


  • LED lighting packages
  • Reflective striping
  • Parts & service manual