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Rock Spreader (Sander) Trucks


Ground Force Rock Spreader (Sander) Trucks play a critical role in your HAUL ROAD MAINTENANCE and TRACTION-CONTROL NEEDS. Our Rock Spreader (Sander) Trucks are designed to fit any chassis on the market and easily switch out with your Ground Force Worldwide Water Body.

High quality materials and innovative engineering make these Rock Spreader (Sander) Trucks a must have for your operation. These Rock Spreader Trucks are proven to perform in extreme weather conditions and are a perfect solution for your haul road maintenance needs.

When it comes to rock spreader (sander) trucks, Ground Force Worldwide offers the best the industry has to offer in a wide range of sizes.

Ground Force Worldwide Rock Spreader (Sander) Trucks are custom engineered to meet the demands of your haul road maintenance program and manufactured to endure rugged conditions and tough applications.

Our engineering department evaluates your application to ensure your Ground Force Worldwide Rock Spreader (Sander) Truck is equipped with vibrators that are carefully placed in key locations on your truck to allow for the best material delivery. We do a thorough examination of your material and share recommendations to optimize the performance of your Ground Force Rock Spreader (Sander) Truck. We strive to provide a body that offers longevity to your chassis and is sensitive to steep grades or other road conditions. Our trucks are engineered with operator safety and efficiency in mind, with in-cab operator controls, easy service access and an in-cab momentary switch to prevent prolonged vibrator operation.

Ground Force Rock Spreader (Sander) Trucks are designed to withstand the rugged terrain of mines across the world.

Our rock spreader (sander) trucks are proven to be effective in replacing smaller conventional units, offering greater efficiency, less down time, and most importantly, cost savings. The Ground Force Worldwide Rock Spreader (Sander) Truck is an off-road solution for haul road maintenance that offers the durability of an extreme service mine support truck.

Ground Force Worldwide Rock Spreader (Sander) Trucks offer many special features, many of which come standard with your truck.


  • Custom sloped body design for optimum material flow
  • Designed to deliver single pass coverage on haul roads
  • Body constructed of Strenx® 700 for durability and longevity
  • Variable speed rotary casting wheels
  • Directional casting guards to protect underbody components
  • Body is equipped with heavy-duty, extreme service vibrators
  • In-cab momentary switch to prevent prolonged vibrator operation
  • Hydraulically-operated bolt-on feed hoppers
  • Feed gates are hydraulically-operated and include inclinometer to indicate gate position


  • Digital in-cab operator controls
  • Designed for easy service access
  • Steel cab canopy and side guards to deflect overflow material away from cab
  • Easy removal for install of Ground Force Worldwide Water Truck in off-season
  • Mine site lighting package
  • Back up alarm

Sadner Truck digital controls

Capacities may vary depending on chassis size and weight distribution.


  • Low profile hydraulically-operated grizzly with custom screen
  • Additional vibrators
  • Liner Packages