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150 Ton Rock Spreader (Sander) Truck increased efficiency and reduced cost…

“The Cat 785 Ground Force Rock Spreader Truck replaced our customers fleet of conventional sander trucks and offers complete road coverage in a single pass. This increases their efficiency and reduces cost for maintenance and labor.”

Igor Rubtsov, Mining Projects Manager – Zeppelin Russland

Relationships make the difference!

“Aligning ourselves with vendors like Ground Force, who provide quality solutions in niche markets, is a big part of what allows all of us, (Caterpillar®, Wyoming Machinery and GFM) to have strong, viable businesses.”

Richard Oates, Director of Sales, Wyoming Machinery Company

Articulated Fuel & Lube Trucks have HIGH availabilty.

“The oil sands sites are some of the toughest conditions in the world. Ground Force Manufacturing had to build our units (Articulated Fuel & Lube Trucks) to meet or exceed these standards. To date the availability has been 89% plus and that is…”

Brian Weeks,  Equipment Manager, Ledcor Industries LTD

Ground Force helped us reach a 5 Star CC rating.

“We achieved a 5 Star CC rating back in July and the new lube trucks played a key role in getting us over the line. I have been advised that we are (1) of less than 10 mining company owned & run facilities globally, to reach this standard.”

Geoff Boyle, Mobile Maintenance Superintendent, Phu Bia Mining Limited

Save money and increase productivity…

“The addition of off-highway, articulated trucks has made it easier logistically to reach our equipment. We often no longer have to bring our support equipment to the fuel trucks; instead we can take the fuel trucks to the equipment. This allows us to save money and increase productivity by not pulling crucial mining equipment out of production cycle for fueling. We’ve been very pleased with our Ground Force equipment and plan to continue our relationship with Ground Force and Caterpillar.” read more…

Randy Walund, Newmont Mining Corporation

Pleased with trucks and would highly recommend Ground Force Fuel & Lube Trucks

“I am please with the performance of the Ground Force unit and would highly recommend it to others who operate under similar conditions that we operate in.”

Gordon Archibald, Manager, Tailings Operations, Suncor Energy

Underground Motor Grader design far surpasses anything seen.

“The Caterpillar 120K Grader that Ground Force has modified for underground was engineered well. The length taken out of the goose neck and the draw bar makes the machine shorter which gives it a tighter turning radius. The cab was completely redesigned, giving a comfortable feel for the operator, and the visibility out of the cab is very good, the operator has good vision both front and rear and at the toe and heel of the blade while grading. The cab is also sealed very well for both noise and dust control. A counter weight was added to the front and rear of the machine for better traction and is visually pleasing. With the way the machine has been engineered it seems that all the weight of the machine rides on the front two tandems which applies full engine power to the ground for maximum torque. The design of the machine (Underground Motor Grader – 120 K) has far surpassed other machines I have seen.”

Steve Winters, Operator Trainer, Cashman Equipment