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Cable Reel Trucks


Ground Force Electric Cable Reel Trucks are engineered for performance and built to last. Our cable reel trucks and systems are adaptable to fit any size chassis on the market today and are DEVELOPED SPECIFICALLY FOR MOVING ELECTRIC CABLE safely and efficiently in high production mining applications.

We offer many size options of cable reel attachments, as well as frame options, including conventional, articulated, and rigid. These cable reel solutions are proven to INCREASE EFFICIENCY while SAFELY MOVING ELECTRIC CABLE around your operation.

When it comes to electrical cable handling, Ground Force Worldwide offers the most innovative solutions on the market.

Ground Force Worldwide Cable Reel Trucks offer multiple configurations to meet your specific mine needs and are manufactured to endure rugged conditions and tough applications.

Our engineering department evaluates your application to ensure your Ground Force Worldwide Cable Reel Truck is sized appropriately offering a balanced center of gravity both side to side, and front to back. We strive to provide a body that offers longevity to your chassis and is sensitive to steep grades or other road conditions. Our trucks are engineered with operator safety and efficiency in mind, with smart locations for service points, operator stations, remote operation and handrails and anti-skid.

Ground Force Worldwide Cable Reel Trucks are custom engineered and purpose-built for safe and efficient, electric cable handling.

Ground Force Electric Cable Reel Trucks are designed to withstand the rugged terrain of mines across the world.

Our Cable Reel Trucks are proven to be effective in replacing many cable reel options, offering greater efficiency, and safer cable handling in your mine. These Ground Force Cable Reel trucks are designed and built to self-load, and place and retrieve electric shovel cable quickly and safely. You can move cable the “old school” way or you can move it “safely and efficiently” with a Ground Force Cable Reel Truck!

Ground Force Worldwide Cable Reel Trucks and Systems offer many special features, many of which come standard with your truck.


  • Heavy-duty welded steel structure assures longevity and durability
  • Inclusion of flexible mount onto your body assures that chassis flex when needed, independently of the body
  • Designed for single in-cab operation of hydraulically-operated platform, allowing for precise cable placement away from traffic
  • Level wind apparatus allows for even placement of cable loading on spool
  • Fairlead system keeps cable properly placed on reel for efficient cable retrieval
  • Oversized drums allow for less change-out intervals
  • Variable speed control on drum radial piston motor and operator-controlled brake for full control over drum
  • Adjustable reel speed
  • Reel turn table rotates hydraulically 180 degrees
  • Ground level storage boxes


  • Single operator, precision cable placement, and forward moving loading and unloading of cable offer increased safety over conventional methods of cable placement
  • Safety interlock system prevents chassis movement in a gear above 2nd unless turntable is locked in stowed position
  • Rear view cameras
  • Perimeter service access to the reel and reel support structure offers safe and efficient maintenance with spring loaded ManSaver® fall arrest bars installed at 2 access points
  • Anti-Slip walkways and handrails
  • Mine site lighting package
Capacities may vary depending on chassis size and weight distribution.


  • Standard reels feature cable capacities from 1,000 ft (304 m) to 3,200 ft (975 m)


  • Cable Reeler only
  • Cable Reeler with layout boom
  • Drums designed to suite carrier/cable size
  • Mounting options: Pin-in or QC Connect for wheel loader or dozer


  • HVAC operator stations
  • Wireless remote
  • Self-loading reel
  • R.O.P.S. structure over cab
  • Custom loading arms