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Conventional Fuel and Lube Trucks


Ground Force Conventional Fuel and Lube Trucks are tough and dependable in even the most severe weather conditions in the world. Ground Force designs are unlike any other manufacturers’, our Conventional Fuel and Lube Bodies are DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR MINING AND HEAVY CONSTRUCTION applications, which translates into better performance and reliability.

When it comes to Conventional Fuel and Lube delivery, Ground Force Worldwide offers the most durable solutions on the market.

Ground Force Worldwide Fuel and Lube Trucks are custom engineered with specifications that suit your individual operation and manufactured to endure rugged conditions and tough applications. Our engineering department evaluates your application to ensure your Ground Force Worldwide Fuel and Lube Truck offers all the products you need with the safest center of gravity. We strive to provide a body that offers longevity to your chassis while offering the most capacity available. Our trucks are engineered with operator safety and efficiency in mind, with smart locations for service points, ground level operator stations for filling and dispensing and plenty of storage.

Ground Force Conventional Fuel and Lube Trucks are built heavy-duty and designed for mining and construction use. Our fuel and lube trucks are proven to be more durable and reliable than anything else on the market. These trucks leave a smaller footprint and require a lower investment, without compromising quality and durability.

Ground Force Worldwide Conventional Fuel and Lube Trucks offer many special features, many of which come standard with your truck.


  • Fuel Delivery 120 GPM (454 LPM)
  • Full Product Filtration
  • Fully-baffled Product Tanks
  • Product Metering
  • Product Tank Level Gauges


  • Ground-level/remote-fill for all products
  • New and used filter storage
  • Enclosed ground level rear and/or side reel compartments
  • Mine-site lighting packages
  • Anti-Slip walkways and handrails
Capacities may vary depending on chassis size and weight distribution.


  • Diesel fuel capacity from 1,000 gal. (3,785 L) to 4,000 gal. (15,141 L)
  • New oil and coolant product capacity from 400 gal. (1,514 L) to 1,500 gal. (5,678 L)
  • Grease drum or large removable bin available
  • Used oil tank (size determined by available space and weight distribution)


  • Enclosed, heated bodies for arctic-type climates
  • Spring, hydraulic or electric reels
  • Air compressor with reservoir tank
  • Kidney-loop filtration system
  • Tool Storage